Paternity Test to Confirm Which Bull Has Fathered a Calf

Paternity Test to Confirm Which Bull Has Fathered a Calf

What is paternity test?  It is a molecular test to determine if a calf is ‘progeny’ of a particular ‘bull’. This test can also settle any dispute arising out of a missing calf and where ownership is to be determined. Most importantly this test is mandatory when a daughter is to be included in progeny testing program. In case a male calf is to be identified as future breeding bull paternity test would confirm the sire side.

What material need to be submitted to the laboratory?

Blood / hair samples from calf, mother cow and bull in question need to be collected. Blood can also be collected in dry form, that is, it can be soaked on to a clean filter paper, but oxalate / EDTA added blood samples are preferred. Such vials can be obtained from any (human) pathology laboratory. Please ensure that you only collect 1-2 ml blood since if you collect excess there is risk of clotting.

What results will be communicated?ikyf

The laboratory will communicate to you

  • If the calf is ‘progeny’ of the mother cow
  • If the bull in question is ‘sire’ of the calf

Where this test can be done?

The test can be done at the following laboratories

  • GenOmbio Technologies, VEDANT, S. No. 39/3, H. No. 1043, Yogi Park, Off Mumbai – Bangalore Expressway, 411 045, Baner Pune. Phone – 9960000984
  • Sandor Animal Biogenics Pvt. Ltd.# 8-2-326/5, Road No.3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034. A.P., INDIA. Telephone: +91 –40 2335 7048, 2335 4824; Mobile: +91 73 82 62 18 17; Fax: +91 –40 2335 7046; E-mail:

(For other laboratories visit click on ‘Service Providers’ in main menu)

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